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We have moved to Newark.
Please visit us at a new location

Fresh Baked Bread to Order.
See Bread Page.

In adition we will continue to carry
Bavarian Bread delivered fresh 3 times a week.

Monday-Friday 11:00 AM - 7:30 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday - 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Гастроном Киев

5882 Mowry School Road
Newark, CA 94560

Phone: (510) 573-0923

The Baltika Breweries was established in 1990. Since the brewery’s inception, Baltika’s business strategy has been to produce a superior product by combining the finest European ingredients with state of the art technology. Baltika has the largest water distilling station in St. Petersburg, which guarantees crystal clear water. This relentless commitment to quality has earned Baltika the Russian Government Quality Prize.

Baltika #2 Pale Beer
A lager beer produced using pale barley malt, rice and exclusive varieties of hops which give this beer variety its inimitable aroma, very light and vefrvety flavor and pleasant bitterness of hops. The addition of rice provides #2 Pale with a surpnsrigly fresh taste and smoothness, and for these reasons it is easy to drink.

Baltika #3 Classic Beer
A classic lager beer which has been produced ki accordance with classic tecfnology since 1992. The harmonious combination in this beer of “pure” hops aroma, pleasant hops bitterness and mild taste make #3 Classic inimitabIe.

Baltika #4 Original Beer
A dark beer produced using caramel and rye malts. This combination of ingredients endows the beer with a harmonious hint of bread flavors and the specific aroma of caramel malt.

Baltika #5 Gold Beer
A lager beer produced using select varieties of pale and caramel malts and the best quality hops. This beer vanety has a light and harmonious aroma, mild malt taste and fine, “pure" hops bitterness.

Baltika #6 Porter Beer
A classic porter beer brewed accordrig to traditional English recipes. This dark beer possesses a full flavor as well as high density and strength. Hints of wine can be felt in the aroma.

Baltika #7 Export Beer
A lager beer prepared from select pale malt and a mixture of the best varieties of hops. The alcohol content of #7 Expott is slightly higher than in classic lager beers. This beer has a mild and clean aroma with balanced flavor. The hops tones are less pronounced than in Baltica #3.

Baltika #8 Wheat Beer
An unfiltered lager beer produced from a recipe using wheat malt. Baltika #8 Wheat beer has all the qualities of this beer variety: a thick and dense head, as well as a mild, fruity aroma with notes of spices and a mild sweetness.

Baltika #9 Strong Beer
A strong lager beer with a taste close to classic lager varieties. The flavor is light and there is a suggestion of malt, together with sweetish notes and mild hops bitterness.